Pick a Puzzle – Crossword

Welcome to Pick a Puzzle! Every day we’ll pick an activity here to create a bit of fun and to get you thinking. We’ll mix it up with jigsaws, crosswords and word scrambles ““ we hope you enjoy playing!

Today’s Pick: Crossword

We’re back to Stuff for their daily crossword puzzle today. Click the number of the clue in the box and the clue appears in the blue box across the top, type your answer into the puzzle. If it has an across and a down clue, you can click the number again to swap between the two. There’s a handy option to show any mistakes in red which to help keep you on the right track. With the timer you can also see how long it takes you to complete, so you can record your personal best!

Click here to play.

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29 April @ 16:00
16:00 — 17:00 (1h)