Question of the Day – 21 April

As part of an unprecedented event in history, we’re all currently creating history just by doing our bit and staying indoors! However, the current need to stay in ‘hibernation’ also creates the perfect opportunity to create your own personal bit of history; your memoir!

Working on a keepsake book ““ a little at a time ““ could be a great daily project to be passed on as a gift to future generations, and we’d love to help you create it. The hardest part is sometimes knowing where to start and trying to imagine what family and friends would like to know. That’s where our ‘Question of the Day’ comes in.

We have formulated a list of questions just like those used by the professional keepsake book services which will help prompt some great stories for your memoir. We’ll be posting one question every day.

Today’s question: What sweet treat was your favourite as a child?

21 April @ 12:00
12:00 — 13:00 (1h)