Pick a Puzzle – Make words from a word

Welcome to Pick a Puzzle! Every day we’ll pick an activity here to create a bit of fun and to get you thinking. We’ll mix it up with jigsaws, crosswords and word scrambles ““ we hope you enjoy playing!

Today’s Pick: Make words from a word

This Pick a Puzzle challenges you to create as many words as you can with three letters or more from the puzzle word.

Today’s puzzle word is: VIRTUAL

How many of the following can you make: 1 x 6-letter word 9 x 5-letter words 21 x 4-letter words 23 x 3-letter words

We’ll provide a link to the answers in the next Pick a Puzzle activity block.

Answers to yesterday’s Easter Word Scramble: 1. EASTER BUNNY, 2. BABY CHICKS, 3. CHOCOLATE, 4. RABBIT, 5. EASTER BONNET, 6. EGG HUNT, 7. DECORATE, 8. SUNDAY, 9. COLOURED EGGS, 10. LAMB, 11. HOT CROSS BUNS, 12. BASKET, 13. MINI EGGS, 14. FLOWERS, 15. CROSS.

10 April @ 16:00
16:00 — 17:00 (1h)