Pick a Puzzle – Anagrams

Welcome to Pick a Puzzle! Every day we’ll pick an activity here to create a bit of fun and to get you thinking. We’ll mix it up with jigsaws, crosswords and word scrambles ““ we hope you enjoy playing!

Today’s Pick: Anagram

Today’s Pick a Puzzle is Anagrams. Can you find anagrams (a new word using the same letters) for the following 9-letter words:




There is more than one possible correct answer for each. Answers will be provided in tomorrow’s Pick a Puzzle activity block.

Answers to Fridays’s ‘Make words from a word puzzle’: the answers for the word VIRTUAL can be found here courtesy of Wordmaker’s site: https://wordmaker.info/how-many/virtual.html

13 April @ 16:00
16:00 — 17:00 (1h)